Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration – PlayStation 4

Pre-Order Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration to receive a free copy of the award winning Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

Skout iOS Download !!

Instantly meet people near you or around the world. Discover new friends at a local bar or in Barcelona.

One Inch Man

One Inch Man is trying to gather high power dragon warriors to help him fight in a battle arena. To convince mighty warriors to join you, you’ll have to fight them on by one. Battles in higher levels with take more of your time since warriors health will be bigger and they will be stronger.

Jump Around

Jump Around is like a Parkour game, a Gravity Switch game and an Endless Run!

Next Winter

A multiplayer survival game focused around cooperative civilization building, exploration and looting. Play as an individual within a tribe alongside other players. The game world simulates seasons, summer, autumn, winter, spring. The seasonal changes affect the quantity and production speed of resources as well as the strength and number of enemies.

Use the favourable seasons to collect and produce resources like food, wood, metal and stone in order to strengthen your base. It is important that you and your team make good use of every minute to ensure your continued survival through each, increasingly harsh, winter.

Air Commander – Renegade

In Air Commander-Renegade you travel back to World War 2 to fly a fighter plane pilot.

Angry Birds Action!

Pull, aim, action! Send the birds of the Angry Birds Movie crashing through obstacles and bouncing from wall to wall like a wrecking ball – all in the name of saving some eggs.

Shape Rave

Goal of the game is to collect as many shapes as possible. You can do this only if you “are” the same shape.

(coming soon) TACC TV – Tactical Action Combat Championship

TACC TV takes place in a comedic dystopia where malfunctioning corporatism is everyday life and the people’s bloodthirsty tastes are served by the worldwide broadcasting network, TACC TV.

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