Samsung Focus S – 1st Impressions [Video]

First off, it's the lightest and thinnest phone out there, weighing in at 3.9oz. The design is real slick with nice curved edges, lending it a great feel in the hand. The screen: Super AMOLED Plus is nice, but the difference between it and HTC's Super LCD is less extreme than back in 2010. In fact, we like the color representation a little better on the Titan when compared side by side. That's not a knock though on Samsung, as both devices have really good screens, though we are finding the Focus S screen a bit more dim than we would like. In addition, it auto-adjusts very frequently, which results in a brief but frequent flicker of the screen as it constantly changes screen brightness.

With the gyroscope, compass, 16GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and an 8MP rear camera, the specs are pretty top notch. We actually have HSDPA+ ("4G") service around here and it is faster, though we still think T-Mobile's edges it out a bit e.g. the Radar 4G. One of our favorite aspects are the buttons–both in layout (side power button) and implementation–they feel perfect, are easy to identity and have just enough travel.

So, what's the best phone out there? Nearly impossible to say. HTC has really stepped up their game with the Radar 4G and Titan, taking away any huge advantage that Samsung may have had last year. That's a good thing though as it means you don't have to worry about odd details, but can concentrate on aesthetics e.g. size and looks, instead of performance.




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