HTC’s newest phones impress – but can it remain a player?

  HTC CEO Peter Chou says the company is undergoing a transformation, as it grapples for share in the hotly contested smartphone market and attempts to fend off rival Apple in a bruising patent... read more

HTC Sensation XL

Feel every single beat When it comes to doing music justice, you’re way ahead of the crowd with the HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio™ and its superb, in-box customized Beats headset. Now your audio experience sounds just like the artist intended. You’ll also enjoy the large 4.7 inch screen and 9.9mm sleek premium design. And record amazing HD quality video to complement your audio experience with this incredible superphone. It’s the BEST sound and sight you can get on any mobile device. Customized, bundled headset lets you feel every beat HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio™ automatically detects your bundled, tailor-made Beats headset and optimizes the audio output so you’ll hear sound just the way the artist intended. It’s an ultimate audio experience we know you’ll appreciate. Voices come through crisply and the bass is deeper, fuller, rounder. You don’t just hear your music, you feel it deep inside yourself.   It’s not just big on sound HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio™ offers a 4.7 inch screen, premium design. Coupled with SRS surround sound, HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio™ gives you the ultimate multimedia experience. And with the huge screen, surfing the web is a richer and more rewarding mobile experience. HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio™ may have a huge screen, but it’s not a huge phone. In fact, it’s a sleek 9.9mm thin smartphone that feels just right.   For detailed info check htc website... read more

HTC Rhyme

Simply complement your life With an exquisite unibody design, the HTC Rhyme is more than a phone – it is a total offering. Accessories like the stylish wired headset, a docking station that transforms into an alarm clock and music center, and a charm that notifies you of an incoming call or text message add nice finishing touches to your look. And HTC Rhyme also offers a premium camera with instant shutter that takes great shots with no delay and lets you touch up your photos so that everyone looks great. HTC Rhyme is the phone that fits perfectly with your life.   Sleek and slender unibody design makes the stylish seem effortless Simplicity is true luxury. HTC Rhyme offers a smart, elegant design. Every detail has been carefully crafted to deliver a unique and seamless experience. Its exquisite unibody design is truly different from other phones. HTC Rhyme is light, sleek, and slender making the stylish seem effortless. Keeping with current color trends that draw inspiration from nature, HTC Rhyme adds style and class to your look whether you're dressed up or down.   Accessorize to an easier life HTC Rhyme offers a range of in-box and optional accessories that add an elegant simplicity to your whole experience. Listen to your favorite music with the stylish wired headset. When you need to charge your phone, do it in style by placing your phone into the docking station, where it transforms into an alarm clock and music center. Never miss a call with the HTC Rhyme Charm, which attaches to your phone and emits a soft glow when you receive a call or text message.   Memorable moments captured perfectly. Every time. Inspiration can occur at any time. HTC Rhyme offers a unique camera with instant shutter and a great lens to capture those memorable moments whenever they arise even under low light conditions. The Action Burst Scene automatically takes five shots of a scene, so you can choose the best one or even all of them before you share online. And Portrait mode adds a beautify skin effect that makes your skin appear smoother when you take the shot.   For detailed Infor check HTC website here    ... read more

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