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Big Nose Charlie

The sprawling metropolis of Snot Lake City has been taken captive by the Squirrel Queen’s hoard of Danisaurs and her devious army of Meleo fairies. Play as Big Nose Charlie to save the city!

The story behind the game

The story behind the game and formation of our company, Bench Squad Games, is actually pretty funny. We were just a group of young high school juniors who decided to make an app after about a 10 minute conversation in Corner Bakery.

It was during soccer season at school and the four of us (in addition to our team manager) were all players that continuously rode the bench. Game after game we sat making jokes and talking while our teammates played relentlessly. Which didn’t really matter considering that our team only won one game that season. 🙂

So before the final home game the “Bench Squad” went to grab lunch before the game. We started making jokes about our friend Charlie’s nose flying around with butterfly wings and how great it would be as an app… and thus the idea for Big Nose Charlie was formed. Combining our four talents, we were able to develop and produce our very first IOS game!
Big Nose Charlie is something that we all love and hope to share with the world!

Author: justoutblog

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