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Chicken with Hat

Entertainment game and mental agility in which you have to test your reflexes. The hen has to put the maximum number of golden eggs, but this will not be possible until the color of the hat and the nest matches. Boots offer you the power that allows you to achieve this goal more easily.
Test your chicken quickly putting the maximum number of golden eggs by matching the color of hats with the color nests. Unblocking boots gives you a power like jump and slow down time. As your speed with colors is greater, reach boots that can achieve much more power that lets you dress your hen with the hat you like. Unlock boots putting a minimum of golden eggs in the nest and your hen will use the power you need to master the color you need and keep putting golden eggs in the nest.
To move up in the ranking:
– Fix the color of the hat to the one of the nest
– Get the maximum number of golden eggs and boots
Buy new hats for your hen
Unlock the power that you like

Author: justoutblog

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