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LA County Photographer Mika Gurovich Interview

LA County Photographer Mika Gurovich Interview

Mika Gurovich PhotographyPhotographer’s Name: Mika Gurovich
Business Name: Mika Gurovich Photography
Website link: www.mikagurovich.com
Instagram: mikagurovich
Facebook: mika.photographer
Youtube: michalika100
Vimeo: mikagurovichproductions

Hey everyone, thank you for checking our blog.
The interview category is a new part of our blog, where we will be contacting and interviewing one photographer every couple of days. Today i have the pleasure to interview Ms. Mika, and i am sharing with you her photography journey.

Let’s get started ..

Hello Mika, i’m glad you are here with me today and i am interested in knowing more about your first job before photography?
I was a post-production producer in an international news channel for 3 years. While being a producer i decided to present my own photography segment in the culture show and I did. I interviewed photographers from all over the world about their special projects and gave a really big and important place to photography at that show which was cancelled after a few months .
Here’s a link to 1 of these segments in 2014. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ1gnewaacw&t=18s)

Ahh from a News Channel producer to a professional photographer that’s cool; How and when did you discover your passion for photography?
I think in a way I was always a photographer, I remember myself taking photos of my friends since I was 6, always the group photographer.

Was that enough to consider photography as your next career ?
I actually didn’t believe in myself enough to think I can be a full-time photographer until the last year. I had to build my confidence in me and in my work and do a lot of internal psychological work. It is quite a struggle when you see so many amazing photographers out there doing such an amazing job, to find your work worthy.

As I can see from your Instagram Account, you are mostly into Portraits, Maternity, Family and Engagements. What made you choose this type of photography ?
After trying all sorts of photography for a few years, I focused my self on the type of photography that I enjoy the most. for instance, I was assisting a very well-known photographer- with his commercial studio shoots- and I realized I don’t like working with products, that I like more than anything working with people, then I tried photographing weddings for 2 years, I was a second photographer to Ilan Mor http://www.ilanmor.com/, he taught me everything I know today about events photography, but even though it was an amazing experience to work with Ilan .  I realized I am not enjoying the pressure of that day, the bride is stressed, the family is stressed… it was just not enjoyable.
When I shoot engagements – there is no pressure, everyone are relaxed, as well as maternity, usually the mommy to be is at ease and enjoying the most beautiful and empowering moments of her life.

Another thing that made me choose this type of photography is my current Mentor Margallete Francke  http://www.mfranckephotography.com she is the most inspiring person I have ever met, super talented and self taught, and besides teaching me almost everything I know about lifestyle photography she also became my best friend, and I noticed that happened to me already a few times, that my mentors became my friends for life, I think photography has that influence on people, to bond them.

Which is the hardest in client handling between all ?
Just like I wrote in the previous question.  Have you ever heard the term “BRIDEZILLA”? Jaja it’s a combination between “Godzilla” the scary monster and a “bride to be”

Hahahah, that’s why i stick to products photography, i prefer peace of mind. How about a never forget story in your photography journey, do u have any ?
When I just started photographing I was an assistant in a big commercial studio, the owner of the studio agreed for me to help so that I can learn basics of studio lighting etc… on one of the shoots he asked me to move a huge Octagon flash from one end of the studio to the other side. If you ever worked in a studio you know how careful you should be with every step you take, there are always cables around, flashes/apple boxes/stands/poles everywhere. So I went on my mission, and started dragging that huge octagon, and before I noticed I accidentally hit one of the flashes standing right next to it, and then like a game of Domino’s all of the flashes standing in the studio fell one after the other. I literally wanted to die at that very moment. I didn’t know what to do with myself, and was sooooo ashamed.
I thought this photographer will never again invite me to work with him. But since he is such an amazing person, he said- “No worries, it’s all insured, but- from now on-YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION!!”.
Needless to say I learned my lesson and was 200% more careful from that moment on.
and that photographer became one of my best friends and mentors till this day.

Ok my heart started beating when i just imagined the scene and how you were standing in shock 🙂 … Lucky you he was a nice guy. Now let’s move to the biggest mistakes you did and what do u recommend startups to avoid ? Other than the studio story 🙂
I would recommend starting as a protégé in a big studio, learning all the perks and photoshop you can as an assistant. Once you understand you wish to be a full-time photographer- the sooner you start doing ONLY THAT, the faster your progress will be. Focus on what you want, put your mind into it- and go get your goals.

Well i guess that’s the perfect way to start, cause i know how it feels starting all alone and just learning from youtube videos and online courses. Now enough with the talking and let’s see some of your work.

Mika Gurovich Photography
Mika Gurovich Photography
Mika Gurovich Photography

Those are beautiful,, thank you.
Do you like to read books ?

I actually don’t like reading… I watch youtube tutorials as much as I can.
I highly recommend this channel:  Piximperfect  for photoshop editing, he explains everything very clearly https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrvLMUITAImCHMOhX88PYQ

I also recommend following Jana Williams:

she gives me so much Inspiration, that I decided to start my own Vlog and youtube channel which I would like to invite you to subscribe and follow:

Thank you for the recommendations, i also watch videos from Piximperfect, he explains in a very detailed professional way.

Last question, how can new customers reach you ? and do u have a price list on the website ?
Yes for sure. My price guide:
you can also email me at: Michalguro@gmail.com
Call me directly +1.310.562.6251
DM me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/mikagurovich/
I am currently booking photoshoots in LA county.

Last words about photography, is it worth going into ?
YES!!! If you know photography is your passion- live it to the fullest!!
my moto is: “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, LIVE YOUR PASSIONS”, and I really believe that if we do what we love we are not working a day in our lives. I am fulfilling my passion to photography and I couldn’t be happier with my profession.

Loved your moto
What equipment do u have in your bag (ex: camera, lenses etc..)
My photography gear for the photoshoot:
Canon 5d Mark II
Canon 6D 

Canon 16-35mm 2.8
Canon 70-200mm 2.8
Canon 85mm 1.8
Canon 24-70mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4

For the Video:
Dji Osmo

For Vlogging:

Editing photos: Lightroom cc + Photoshop CC
Editing Video:  Adobe Premiere


Thank you Mika for your time, i would like to wish you good luck in your business and your VLOGGING 🙂  …


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