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Mean Machines

Mean Machines brings intense, challenging and insanely fun crash-racing action to mobile in a compact and pick-up-and-play format.

Jump right into Season 1 and play through a variety of challenges and face-off against enemy machines in multiple game styles ranging from Handicap and Countdown to the tense battles of the Survival and Challenger modes.

When you feel like unleashing some serious destruction, participate in the Carnage Mode and compete in real time with players from across the globe and power your way to the top of the leaderboard and show everyone who runs the meanest machine of ’em all! All leaderboard entries are considered for our daily Ultimate Carnage rewards- play now and win coupons to unlock new features and machines.

Experience the rush as the action comes to life with realistic physics and collisions, detailed damage models and a fully interactive set of environment objects from explosive boxes to thumping basketballs.

The menus, difficulty and controls are optimised through extensive testing to maximise the thrill and challenge your skills at the same time.

Mean Machines is fast, furious and full of action. Get in there and let the sparks fly!


› Season 1 with 18 action-packed levels
› 7 different battle styles
› Defeat endless waves of enemies in the Carnage Mode
› Collect power-ups and improve your ranking on the global leaderboard
› 4 shiny new player machines and more coming soon
› Special promo codes to earn free currency and unlock new features for daily top scorers

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The Story behind the Game:

I had initially started this as a part-time initiative to expand some of my AI experiments for which I was already using mini-games as a test bed. While we worked towards the completion of our first experimental game, I realized that it would take more research and development time for us to create games which could be marketed and gain a sizable audience and I’ve now taken on this roll full-time.

Being a long time fan of racing games, I could see the edge that a more faithful physics simulation could bring to a game and more than compensate for a lack of elaborate controls, fancy weapons and over-the-top, gravity defying stunts. The idea for Mean Machines was conceived with the broad goal of offering a grungy, action-racing game that will hopefully be successful in bringing the thrills of bigger titles from previous generations’ platforms by adapting the concept for the modern mobile systems– compact, simple and easy to pick up and play while relying on a carefully balanced physics system to keep it challenging and fun at the same time. We have focused particularly hard on the art direction of this game and were quite pleased to have received appreciation from Chillingo and other respectable developers and publishers for the art style- we drew inspiration from bumper cars, kart racing, RC racing, demolition derby etc. to create a unique vibe and atmosphere for the game.

Author: justoutblog

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