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New York City Live Music Photographer Mae Krell Interview

Mae Krell Photography Interview

Photographer’s Name : Mae Krell
Business Name: Mae Krell Photo
Website link : www.maekrellphoto.com
Instagram: maekrell | maesfilm
Facebook: maekrellmusic

Hey everyone, thank you for checking our blog.
The interview category is a new part of our blog, where we will be contacting and interviewing one photographer every couple of days. Today we have the pleasure to interview Ms. Krell, a Musician & photographer from New York City, and we are sharing with you her photography journey.

Let’s get started ..

Hello Mae, I am glad we are doing this interview. First let me ask, are you a musician & a photographer? and is Monsters Song yours ? loved it 😊
Yes! I play music and perform my own stuff as well as taking photos! and thank you, i’m happy you liked it!

Tell us how did u start your music and photography career and what made you discover your passion to photography ?
I always loved going to concerts. After a couple shows I went to on my own and with friends, I decided I wanted to take photos as well. I started sneaking my old canon XTI into shows, and taking it to venues that allowed cameras. After a couple shows from the audience, I had built up a decent portfolio. I sent a couple emails to some magazines, and JAM picked me up. From there, everything went so quickly! I think the passion for music always existed- but the idea of being able to capture a moment so well that it almost made people feel like they were there with you- that’s what first started my passion for photography.

WOW!!! Lovely .. Do you shoot all types of photography , or just portraits and fashion ?
I actually specialize in live music! I shoot fashion and portraits as well, but my passion really lies in shooting music and lifestyle.

And what about funny stories happening in a shoot ?
I don’t know if this is exactly funny, but, I was shooting a band at a midtown NYC venue once. I get there, everything is cool, until I realize that my memory card isn’t in my camera! The venue didn’t allow re-entry either, so I couldn’t go and get it from my house! I frantically called my dad, who found it in my room, and ran it downtown to me. He managed to get to me with 5 minutes of shooting time inside the pit left, and I still managed to get a bunch of great shots. Thanks dad for saving the day, I guess!

Send our regards to the super dad who saved the day.. and let us see some of your best shots
For sure!

Loved the Mood, the look and shooting angles..
Now lets move to books, do you like to read books ? what kind ? and what do u recommend to our readers for inspirations?

Yes! I love reading! And this is so hard! One of my current favorites is “The Anatomy of Peace” by the Abridger Institute.

Interesting book, i guess i’ll have a look. And how about a couple of words for photography newcomers , and some tips on how to handle clients 😊
Make sure to be kind, while still being able to hold your ground. Know your worth, and don’t settle because someone else is asking you to!

After those useful tips lets step into your photography equipment, what do you carry in your bag ?
I just upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark IV , but I previously had the Canon 6D.
Lenses: Canon 24-70 2.8 L series , Canon 24mm pancake (for a walk around)
For 35mm film: Canon AE-1 program , 50mm 1.8 lens , 24mm 2.8 wide angle , Canon Speedlite 177A

In the Future Will you keep shooting and singing or you will pursue one career only ?
I’d like to ideally play live music full time, but be able to shoot music and lifestyle as well! The first priority is,
and always will be, music. But i’d like to keep that connection to photography always.

Thank you Mae for your time, i would like to wish you good luck and hope you become one of the best singers & photographers …


Author: justoutblog

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