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Next Winter

A multiplayer survival game focused around cooperative civilization building, exploration and looting. Play as an individual within a tribe alongside other players. The game world simulates seasons, summer, autumn, winter, spring. The seasonal changes affect the quantity and production speed of resources as well as the strength and number of enemies.

Use the favourable seasons to collect and produce resources like food, wood, metal and stone in order to strengthen your base. It is important that you and your team make good use of every minute to ensure your continued survival through each, increasingly harsh, winter.

Game idea Story:

Before The Ice age turned the world over, people lived relatively well, and largely at peace. There existed six ruling empires that each provided trade and service for each other that benefited everybody. Three lay in the west and three in the east. There were no major power struggles between nations. Largely because Cruxalan produced enough food and supplies to fill any shortcoming in any corner of the world. Cruxalan was the connecting network where the rest of the world could hear about any shortcoming or mishappening that had occurred. It was the Centre of the World.

One year a strange glowing cyan moon replaced the still star in the north. When this happened, Cruxalan saw snow and ice for the first time in memory. The ice age had come. This decreased Cruxalan’s productivity drastically causing panic and struggle all over the world. Some even told tales of attacks and sightings of the dead, walking and attacking the living on Cruxalan. They were always reported to be adorned by the cyan diamonds that are commonly found in Cyandom’s territories. Cruxalan was consequently abandoned. Communications between the Empires in the east and the west continents fell quiet. The world became divided and the harmony was lost.

The Cyandom empire seemed to be the least affected by the ice age for their kingdom had been dealing with snow and ice from its foundation. While Cruxalan was abandoned, they took control of the whole land. They built fortresses and strongholds on all of the main routes and passes. During the Ice age, the three empires in the west formed one union out of what was left of their own empires to form the nation of Troika. A whole generation had passed when one year they saw that the waters around Cruxalan had become navigable again, and the Ice on Cruxalan had begun to recede. So immediately they set sail for Cruxalan. When they got there they were met by Cyandom forces. They carried a flag with the symbol of that Cyan moon that seemed to bring the Ice Age. They told Troika that they must throw down their own colours and live under the new order of Cyandom if they wished to build and survive on Cruxalan.

This was unacceptable.

Now it is up to you to take up arms with Troika and liberate Cruxalan from the new Cyandom order and discover the mysteries of the supernatural threat.

Author: justoutblog

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