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Twitter Character Limit Increase to 280 in 2017

Twitter users can now start tweeting in 280 characters as twitter platform finally lifts its 140-character restriction to 280.

Twitter has finally started rolling out the new 280-character limit for tweets to all its users on the Twitter app, web interface and Tweetdeck. The microblogging platform had started testing the new tweet character limit back in September and has now concluded that people tweeted more easily and more often as a result of the expanded limit.

Twitter’s testing also revealed that 9 percent of all tweets made in English language were hitting the 140-character limit, reflecting a challenge to cram thoughts into a single tweet, as well as indicating time wastage in tweaking, editing. With the expanded character limit, Twitter observed a dramatic improvement in data and the new 280-character limit resulted in only 1 percent of all English tweets reaching the limit. Here’s a graph that represents the change in tweeting behaviour as a result of switching from 140 characters to 280 characters.


Author: justoutblog

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